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Running is good for the soul, and friendship

Yesterday I couldn’t help but laugh every time a car passed me on my short little three mile run. Armed with multiple layers and ski gloves, I had pulled the drawstrings of my sweatshirt around my chin so tightly that only my eyes and nose managed to peek out from the tight hole. Yes, I would be back in 28 minutes, and yes, this was Kentucky, where it never gets cold enough to warrant such ridiculousness. I’ll blame it on my West Coast roots.

All this to say that while I was running my measly three miles I remembered that one year ago at this time, I was training for a semi-marathon and running ten to twelve miles on a regular basis.

My friend Val, who was studying abroad in France while I was doing my teaching assistantship, and I had decided to train together to combat the effects of all the delicious French food we had become so used to eating. We were both runners, but had never done long distances. When we found out about the Nuits Saint Georges semi-marathon, however, our interest was piqued.

13.1 miles through the gorgeous vineyards of Burgundy seemed appealing, but neither of us could deny the real draw: talk of “wine tastings” along the way. At first we thought it must be an oral legend, a bit of Burgundian mythology that had spread over the years. We imagined a few runners nearing the end of their course and being rejuvenated by a winemaker with a beret and a sparkle in his eye. Years passed and word traveled; runners began knocking on the winemaker’s door for a little kick when their fuel ran low.

These are the kinds of things we hypothesized during long runs anyway. Laughing, and sometimes grunting, Val and I got to know each other over the miles. She was the faster runner, but I brought a strong dose of competition, so most of the time we stayed neck and neck. Once on our third tour of the Parc de la Colombière in Dijon, having just beaten our two previous 400m interval times, I pleaded for mercy, saying we should be careful not to injure ourselves beating the time on our third effort.

“We’re already going faster than planned for today,” I reminded her between gasps on the rest interval. “Let’s try to relax a little.”

Nearing the starting point, Val fingered her watch. I sucked in one last deep breath.

I don’t remember much but pain and the desire for oxygen when the timer was ticking. The big, shady chestnut trees that seemed so pleasantly encompassing on regular runs became a blurred tunnel as we whizzed by. I detested their solidity and I yearned for their stillness.

We beat our time again. Continue reading



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Le taxidermiste: A spooky story

Have you ever noticed that creepy things seem to happen more frequently around Halloween?  Maybe it’s because we’re so conditioned to the secondary nature of All Hallows’ Eve. (Back in the 16th century there was nothing frightening about “All Hallows’ Evening.” It was simply the night before All Hallows’ Day, a celebration of the saints.)  Or maybe it’s the changing season, the wind whistling in the progressively more naked trees, the orange skies and eerie quiet, night falling more quickly and chilly air banishing the warmth of summer.

Or maybe it’s just me.

At any rate, there’s a taxidermist down the street and, call me crazy, but it creeps me out.  When I come in from a run, my cool-down walk sometimes leads me in the direction of this dead-things store, but I always stay on the other side of the street.  At the beginning of this week dusk was setting in as I passed the shop, which was dark except for a dim light in the back room.  Don’t ask me why I was curious but I squinted from across the street, trying to see what the after-hours stuffer was doing. Continue reading


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