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Wine and writing…This could be the start of something beautiful

Okay, this picture has nothing to do with wine. Or writing. But if you hop over to E-Romantic Hotels’ website, you will quickly find out why it works.

I’ve partnered with E-Romantic, a site dedicated to showcasing a collection of stringently judged and painstakingly chosen French bed and breakfasts, as their new wine-blogger. I don’t claim to be a professional, but I’m happy to call myself passionnée, an enthusiast. I’ll be writing monthly about my coups de coeur (the wines that blow me away) while I continue to learn.

Wine has become of increasing fascination to me, and I have my heart set on continuing my education in this domain (not to be confused with domaine). Since writing about my passions comes naturally, I can promise you’ll be seeing more wine posts on this site from now on. So fun!

I should probably also take this opportunity to ask for your help. If you know anyone in the wine industry — en France or in the States —  who could be a useful contact for me as I explore career opportunities and Masters programs, I would be so grateful for your suggestions. I’m in sponge mode: soaking it all up!

{Pictures taken this week at my favorite Dijon biscuiterie, La Rose de Vergy}




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