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{Poem by Shel Sliverstein}

7 responses to “Contact me

  1. Arlene Weltman

    Wold it be possible for you to send me the Ghyslain Sweet Potato recipe

    • Hi Arlene,
      Unfortunately, I do not have the sweet potato recipe! I don’t work for Ghyslain and do not know him personally. Have you tried asking via the facebook page? Bon courage! (It IS a good potato salad!)

  2. Aurélien

    Coucou très heureux que tu ais apprécié ce meal together, many nice pleasure wait for you in french dishes and wines…
    Thanks for you’re blog, pleasure to see you soon.
    Enjoy you’re life

  3. Sam

    Well, first of all I didn’t realize you were my brush with success today. The video clip from this morning’s show is great. Congratulations!

    The only French I know is un vin rouge si vous plais. Does that count?

    The video post reminded me to spend more time reading your past blog posts. I did and they are terrific! They are fun to read and sneaky informative. I really enjoy wine but know so little about it. Now perhaps i know a bit more.

    Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.
    See you next time,

  4. Salut Emily! I found you through Becoming Madame and I’m enjoying wandering around your blog. I was an Assistante d’Anglais at a high school in the north of France twenty years ago. It was a delightful year and reading your posts is bringing it all back. My French is quite rusty, but I’m hoping to go back and visit my friends again soon – maybe that will help. I love your translated posts!

    • Merci beaucoup, Shary!So glad to hear from you and to know you enjoyed reading the blog. The teaching assistantship truly was a wonderful experience. Glad you could relive it along with me. It’s okay if your French is rusty. It will come right back when you visit your friends…but it can never hurt to keep up with translated blog posts too! Bonne continuation, alors!

  5. Freddie Sams

    my son in Orlando find the article that you wrote about my uncle , Otto Woodall, from Kentucky. I’m truly touch by this article. I never met this men, only heard stories, now my family is able to see his marker and the story. I was told that he was killed when he landed in a french village in the early morning hours of D-Day.

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