Welcome to EmilyintheGlass! I’m a writer who divides her time — somewhat unevenly at the momentbetween France and her old Kentucky home.  This blog began when I got a job teaching English in Dijon and has since grown into the very fuel for my creative writing energy.  My passion is the relationship between French and American cultures, but you’ll find other topics here and there.  Thanks so much for stopping by! 

About the name: When I was little I read a book by Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables’ creator) called Emily of New Moon. Emily’s best and most trusted friend was her own image in the glass, which she consulted whenever she found herself in some kind of trouble or transition.

Over the years, I have paid tribute to my own EmilyintheGlass by taking sometimes serious but mostly wacky photos of my reflection every once in a while (like this one, from Homearama).

15 responses to “About

  1. Jola Gates

    Emily, Just read your blog – delightful!
    I am so proud of you – you have truly become a lovely young woman…indeed a reflection of your lovely mother 🙂 Your flair for writing is obvious and surely your love for cooking will follow. Culinary is a work of art as many things in life, just follow your heart and your joy…and of course keep your faith.
    All my love to you and best of luck in your teaching adventure abroad. JPG

  2. Miranda Burke

    Emily-What a treat! Tonight I clicked on your link on FB and boy am I glad I did! Great blog. You write beautifully, I am so glad you are living your dream.
    I saw your dad last Saturday at a game with Mrs. Hays. Your mom was working. He seemed to be doing well. Take care-Miranda

  3. Emily!

    I am obsessed with your WordPress. Keep it up!

    I miss and love you.


    Grant =]


  4. Colin Gray

    Hey Emily,

    Hope all is well in France. I so enjoy reading your blog. Your writing reflects your personality in such a way that I feel as though you are speaking the words as I read them. Keep on bloggin’ (may or may not be a word)…


  5. Hi Emily,

    I just discovered your blog on my WordPress homepage, and I absolutely love it–the design, the photos, your posts, everything! I think we share similar philosophies about both traveling and writing, and I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links. You can check out my site at http://www.travelgirlseesworld.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Continued luck with your blog.

    Kind Regards,
    Samantha DuBois

  6. Dakota

    Your blog is beautiful, a gem to have found. xx


    p.s Come to bordeaux.

  7. Emily Griffiths

    Emily of New Moon is one of my favourite books! One of the trusty favourites that comes out in times of need….I love it so much. And from one Emily to another – good for you, I have just started a blog with my sister and can’t wait to see what it brings and the words that will come.

    • Emily, thank you! Blogging has been one of my most meaningful adventures this year — and what a good way to keep a record for the future! I have already learned so much just from reading my posts from the beginning, not to mention seeing my writing develop in ways that boost my confidence. I hope to hear more from you: where’s the link to your blog? Bon courage!

  8. becky lyman

    Hi Emily, I’m interested in teaching English in Dijon. Do you have any recommendations in schools or resources? merci, amicalement,

  9. I found you through David Navarre’s blog. I’ll be clicking my way through your posts.

  10. Hi Emily, are you in Dijon now? I’m from Hawaii and have been living here several years hopelessly in love with the town and a wine-making frenchie 🙂 I suspect our lives overlap in many ways! We should get coffee some time!

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