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Wine School: An oxymoron? Not in France!

Bonjour! Guess who’s back in France?

And…since I’ve been away a while…and since there’s so much to tell…I’ll give you the long-story-short for now, accompanied by some mysterious pictures to pique your interest!

To make a long story short, then, since the beginning of this month, I have been taking classes at the Burgundy School of Business and working toward a Master’s Degree in International Wine Commerce. Yes, reading that sentence surprises me too. I would pinch myself, except that the demanding courses I am taking every day are enough of a wake-up call in themselves.

I’m back in France! I have six hours of classes in French every day! And this time next year I will be beginning my career in the wine industry!


By way of introduction into this new French life, here are some images from my class’s first “field trip” into the Côte d’Or vineyards. We were led by our professor, Eric Vincent, who was trying to teach us about the geology of Burgundy terroir on what must have been the foggiest day of the year so far. Even though we couldn’t see much, we had fun climbing the prestigious Montrachet côte and noting the differences between limestone, loam, and clay soils – all very distinct, all in such close proximity. We had lunch in Beaune and finished the day with a cuverie visit and wine tasting at Domaine d’Ardhuy in Corgoloin.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a pretty sweet deal to have the vineyards of Burgundy as a classroom and wine tasting as part of the curriculum. I know. I am aware.

Pinch me?!

{Our newly elected class representatives, Victor and François}

{“Moi-même,” Jenifer, Estelle, Laure, Emilie, and Marlène}

{Marion and Jules}

En Francais! Click here to see Marie-Amélie’s translation: Continue reading



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