The Wall Street Journal’s Lettie Teague defines “Sommelier” + a riddle of sorts!

Winemaker, Vineyard manager, Cellar Master.

Wine Writer, Critic, Journalist.

Wine Consultant, Distributor, Sales Director…

There are many, many diverse professions within the wine industry, yet “Sommelier” seems to be the layman’s catch-all for wine professionalism. In this video, Lettie Teague, wine writer for The Wall Street Journal, explains why it’s a hot career right now, the common assumptions about what these people do, and what it truly means to be a sommelier.

I think it’s a great summary that clears up a lot of misconceptions. But because I haven’t forgotten my dear English degree, I’d like to challenge you to find one fairly surprising orthographical error that jumped out at me in the first 40 seconds of the video. Here are three hints to draw your attention (don’t read them if you want to try to find it first without help!).

  • I said “orthographical,” not “grammatical” or “typographical” error.
  • It has something to do with a very common, non-wine specific term or expression.
  • An artist might use it, or you can stack stuff on it, but for our purposes we’d rather perceive things with it.

Let me know what you come up with! Bonne chance!


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8 responses to “The Wall Street Journal’s Lettie Teague defines “Sommelier” + a riddle of sorts!

  1. Good catch! I would have missed it if you hadn’t pointed it out. Fun video, though.

  2. I could say the answer, but it would take the fun away from others who are trying to guess! (I cringed at the typo, by the way. I can’t help it!)

    • And just to add: from pure observation, I have deduced that Lettie’s red nose is either because she is afflicted from a cold or because she has had a little too much to drink…

      • Hi Emily and Barb the Bean
        Thanks for the post and good eye. (FYI, I don’t see or write the subtitles that accompany the video.) As for the red nose, Barb, alas I was quite sober and merely afflicted with a very bad cold!

  3. Thank you for your reply, Lettie! This post, and our conjectures, were all in good fun, and we’re glad you put in your two cents. Of course, we would be floored if you misspelled “palate,” so we figured you weren’t the one responsible for post production of the video. And, just for the record, I never even noticed a red nose! Always enjoy your articles and hope you are well. -Emily

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