Office party: Bring your best fungus

In America, these are the kinds of things we might think to bring into the office to share with co-workers.  Yummy, sugary, decorated, fattening, corn-syrupy deliciousness.

In France, you might expect to share wine…

Or cheese…

Or — if it’s that time of year — a grocery bag of mushrooms.

This week it’s that time of year.  Nicolas’ colleague brought in a “small portion” of the trompettes de la mort (trumpets of death) he had gathered last weekend.  We’re grateful, because apparently hunting for these mushrooms is like looking for black holes in the ground, but goodness gracious, Nicolas’ apartment smells like a fungus greenhouse!

So far we’ve had trompette omelette and trompette quiche…and with this stockpile, we’ll be at it for weeks!

{They require a dedicated cleaning/drying regimen}

Other Photo Credits: Pinterest (1, 2, 3)

For Marie-Amèlie’s translation,

Fête au bureau : apportez vos plus beaux spécimens

Aux Etats-Unis, voici le genre de choses que l’on peut penser apporter au bureau pour les partager avec ses collaborateurs. De délicieuses gâteries sucrées, décorées, caloriques, saturées de glucose.

En France, on peut s’attendre à partager du vin …

Ou du fromage…

Ou bien, si c’est la saison, un sac rempli de champignons.

Cette semaine, c’est la saison. Un collègue de Nicolas lui a apporté une « petite partie » des trompettes de la mort qu’il a récoltées le week-end dernier. Nous lui en sommes reconnaissants parce qu’apparemment, chercher ces champignons équivaut à chercher des trous noirs dans le sol, mais grâce à Dieu, l’appartement de Nicolas sent la champignonnière !

Jusqu’à présent nous avons dégusté une omelette aux trompettes et une quiche aux trompettes … et avec ce stock, nous allons garder ce régime pendant des semaines !


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6 responses to “Office party: Bring your best fungus

  1. I am quite fascinated at the concept of “hunting mushrooms” … and I do so love to eat them! Are there designated mushroom farms to go to or was it a random stumble through the woods?

    • Hi Stef, thanks for your comment! To answer your question, there aren’t any designated mushroom farms to my knowledge because these mushrooms grow naturally under decomposing leaves in the forest. But, mushroom hunters around here don’t stumble upon trompettes randomly either. They spend hours in the woods, as did Nico’s co-worker, with the sole intention of collecting these seasonal treasures. I haven’t yet taken part in a mushroom hunt, but I should — it would give me an even greater appreciation for them. Take care!

  2. J. Forsberg Meyer

    Enjoy, merry hobbits!

  3. haha i love mushrooms!!! but actually i have a box of cookies/sweets right here so maybe for another day 🙂

    p.s. i am in palestine… catch me on my blog


  4. Did you know that if you collect mushrooms, you can take them to the local pharmacie and they can check them out to see if they are safe to eat? It’s just in case you collect some fungus that makes you wonder if it is edible or not!

  5. I’ll take that cheese and a glass of wine, please……

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