My day Monday

Well, this little note (from thx thx thx) sure gives “a case of the Mondays” a new ring!  I never thought of it like this, but now I doubt I’ll ever think of Mondays in the same way.

After a great weekend spent with a friend from college, I’m ready for a promising new week.  The days are shorter, the air is cooler, and my time on the farm is now limited to the few last weeks of summer.

Then, back to France, where Monday turns into Lundi!

More soon…


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3 responses to “My day Monday

  1. Mittwoch in German means Wednesday. Mitt for middle. Woche for week. Mid week. 🙂 Not nearly as romantic sounding as yours—nevertheless, pretty neat. Hugs!

  2. Ooh, are you going back to France?!

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