Life in Images: Scenes from around the farm

{EmilyintheGlass at Homearama}{Old jump standards get a fresh coat + A pretty pink face}{Potato buds and a still-green tomato}{King of the Garden}{After the rain}{Humidity rules, but work continues} Summer in Kentucky is a sauna.
A scrapbook of Julys passed.
The humid smells of childhood, of vegetables, of cut flowers.
It’s walking the hose across the yard
And filling the troughs.
Spraying the horses to cool them off.
It’s tomatoes and mozzarella
And pilfering basil and cilantro from the neighbors.
Summer in Kentucky is heat: heavy, oppressive heat.
Swimming through the day, coming up for breath in the nearest air-conditioning.
A cold beer
Yes — Kentucky is a cold beer, or the necessity thereof.
It’s frozen yogurt and frozen fruit and quickly melting ice cubes.
It’s waking up early and going to bed late and napping in between.
Summer in Kentucky is conducive to weeds
But not to weeding.
To bare feet that burn on the sidewalk.
To waiting to walk — or run — after dark.
Summer in Kentucky is not refreshing: not in the morning or at night
And most certainly not at noon.
It’s not encouraging of public transportation, be it bike or bus:
Anything without air.
Summer in Kentucky is not easy like a Sunday morning.
At least not this year.

Summer in Kentucky is not for the faint of heart.


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7 responses to “Life in Images: Scenes from around the farm

  1. palmer

    we MUST get together! im sorry ive been missing in action! call me 🙂 love you!

  2. The content is great (the subject, the pictures) but the writing…it is melodic and vivid and perfect reading for a Tuesday morning in dry Denver!

  3. Donna

    A bit different from summer in Rhode Island. A cool breeze coming off the beautiful blue ocean. Swimming, boating and enjoying every bit of sunshine as the winters are cold and snowy. Making enough beautiful memories in the sun and humidity to carry you through the cold days and nights of December, January, February and sometimes even March. You should come for a visit soon. Fall is nice as well. Take care and keep writing I love your blog. Best, Donna

  4. crtlion

    I love that “after the rain” photo of what I assume is a barn window. Lovely!

  5. winsomebella

    Great pictures and beautiful post that transported me.

  6. maryanita

    Your writing evokes the most profound memories. Pictures are beautiful as well. Keep writing… you touch my heart.

  7. Loved this post…and, the boys working.

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