Freshly French Pressed: Thank you, YOU!

What could possibly be better than accomplishing a long-term goal and celebrating the personal satisfaction that results from the effort?  How about a surprise “party” in which hundreds of others share the celebration with you?!

After a year of writing this blog — and nine months writing from France — on the very last day I would spend in Burgundy before my American summer vacation, I was “Freshly Pressed” and my blog was featured on the WordPress homepage.

Party over here!

The dullest day (who really likes to pack their bags?) transformed into the most thrilling day as I fluttered between my suitcase and my computer, watching my page views soar.

Exhilaration.  Jubilation.  Motivation.  Three points to a pyramid in which exhilaration and jubilation support motivation on their shoulders.

On my last day in France I felt more impelled than ever to continue writing about France.

Thank you to all my readers — those of you who have been with me all year and those of you who join me now.  Your support, encouragement, and wonderful comments continue to inspire me.


Tout frais tout chaud : Merci à Vous !!!

Quoi de mieux que d’achever un travail de longue haleine et de fêter la satisfaction personnelle émanant de nos efforts ? Que diriez-vous d’une « fête » surprise partagée avec des centaines d’autres personnes ?

Cela fait un an que j’écris ce blog – dont neuf mois depuis la France – et le dernier jour que je passais en Bourgogne avant mes vacances d’été aux Etats-Unis, mon blog est passé en vedette sur la page d’accueil de WordPress.

Hip hip hip hourra !

Le jour le plus sombre (qui aime vraiment faire ses bagages ?) s’est transformé en le jour le plus palpitant alors que je voletais de ma valise à mon ordinateur afin de consulter l’explosion de mon compteur de visites.

Euphorie. Jubilation. Motivation. Les trois points d’une pyramide où l’euphorie et la jubilation portent la motivation sur leurs épaules.

Pour mon dernier jour en France, je me suis sentie plus poussée que jamais à continuer d’écrire sur la France.

Merci à tous mes lecteurs – ceux d’entre vous qui m’ont suivie toute l’année et ceux d’entre vous qui me rejoignent maintenant. Votre soutien, vos encouragements et vos commentaires fabuleux continuent à m’inspirer.


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13 responses to “Freshly French Pressed: Thank you, YOU!

  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations, Emily, on this HUGE milestone. I’m so impressed, but then, I’m always impressed each and every time I come to your page. It thrills, it makes me cry, it puts a 100 watt smile on my face. You are talented–and you know how to persevere. Now, all the sweat, tears and joy you’ve shared with us over the year has paid off….

    I. AM. SO. PROUD. OF. YOU!


  2. AWESOME!!! Félicitations, ma chère! 😀

  3. Donna

    Fantastic. Hope you have a safe flight home to the United States. I have enjoyed traveling to France with you. In reading your post I felt like I was there with you.
    My best and hope to see you some time soon.

  4. Wow! This deserves a huge MAZEL TOV! Couldn’t be awarded to a better gal. 🙂

  5. YAY….that’s soooo great!! Now…come home.

  6. Forgot to say how much I LOVE that jumping pic! Too cute!

  7. Jacques

    You’re kidding right?
    Congratulations !
    I just wanted to say one thing…. I’m too are very proud of you.

  8. Beautiful words, beautiful images, beautiful you! Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition for your blog, Emily. I am a friend of your Aunt Lindsey, and I met you and your fiancee about two years ago on the beach at the Hollister Ranch. It’s so wonderful to see that you have since embarked upon this great adventure and transformed dreams into reality. You are an accomplished, talented, and spirited woman who obviously sees with the heart. Wishing you all the best as your journeys unfold. And please come visit again sometime; it would be such a pleasure to see you. (Lindsey is lucky — I’d be very proud to claim you as my niece!)

    • Thank you so much Cynthia! I remember meeting you at Hollister and I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement! Thank you for taking the time to write that nice comment. As it happens, I will be visiting Aunt Linds in August! Hope to see you soon…

  9. well deserved!!!! how exciting!

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