If the remaining 11 months are like January’s been, 2011’s going to be a durn good year

My first tartelette. Success. Except that I forgot to butter the mold and so we had to scrape out the oatmeal crust. (I know, rookie mistake.)

I cursed the rain as I walked home from the boys’ house tonight. I cursed it because I had a warm raspberry crumble from Veronique in one hand and my umbrella in the other and because the purse in the crook of my arm was making the hand that was holding the crumble feel like it might fall off.

Then I remembered that this rain was supposed to be snow and that I could be walking home through feet of it after the onslaught we got today.  Rain is better than snow to a girl who’s convinced that February should be the beginning of Spring.

Besides, I had a warm raspberry crumble in my hand.  Nothing to complain about when someone makes you a crumble without you expecting it.

I got home and ate it right before dinner, yes I did.

This little episode is a good metaphor, if you will, for the month of personal re-training, if you will, that began with New Year’s 2011.  Every time my mind has wandered toward something negative, I’ve been trying to catch it and divert my thoughts before they become dangerous. Sometimes I pity those who see my sudden changes in perspective.  The people I passed on my way home once I started singing in the rain, for example. 

I tell you what, this month has been peachy.  I don’t remember a single bad day.  Perhaps certain people (coughNicolascough) can remember a few cranky moments, but for the most part I think I’ve been doing swell.  And, I’m pretty sure this is the most faithful I’ve ever been to New Year’s resolutions, which could be considered pathetic, but I’m being positive, so I’ll say it’s fantastic.

Just for kicks, here are some more things from January that I’m thrilled about:
(Skip to the bottom if you can’t handle the optimism.)

  • Getting published.  If I could have a running resolution it would be to publish something each January. It was the most motivating event for the beginning of my year.
  • Saying sorry less.  The official “resolution” was to “have fewer reasons to say sorry to those I love.”  Stop. Breathe. Keep that sassy mouth shut. This is my mantra. It works.
  • Running.  My friend Val and I are officially training for the March 2011 Nuits St. Georges  Half-Marathon.  We’re not ashamed to admit we signed up because it entails running through the vineyards and tasting wine at the checkpoints.
  • Laughter. Nicolas and I saw my favorite French comedian Florence Foresti live.  It was one of my favorite things I’ve done all year!
  • Making new friends. When we were driving home from Christmas at Froidvent, I remember telling Nico that I wish I had more French girlfriends in Dijon.  I have so many wonderful American friends here, but sometimes I wonder if I could “fit in” with the French girls. Well, the first week of January I started giving English lessons to Marie-Cecile, who’s my age.  We go out for coffee each time we meet and basically just chat it up more than anything else.  I’m so glad I’m getting to know her.
  • Reading. I’ve made a conscious effort to spend less time online and more time with books.  My current craze being Barbara Kingsolver, I’ve moved from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to The Poisonwood Bible, a fascinating story about a missionary family in the Congo in the ’60’s.  As funny as it is poignant, this one is another recommendation from Kate — ten years later, I’m taking her up on it!
  • Plans. My parents are coming at the end of February, and we are going to go south for some sun.  Another friend, Kevin, is coming in May, and then I’ll be home for a few months for the summer, at which point Kate and I have decided to take a road trip. Destination to be determined. I don’t remember a time when I had so many specific dates to look forward to!
  • Cooking. I’m a machine. Check out that tartelette.

I hope you’ll forgive my uncharacteristic post, but I just had to share my most recent realization: If all the other months shape up to be like January, 2011 is going to be a durn good year.

I hope it is for you too!



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6 responses to “If the remaining 11 months are like January’s been, 2011’s going to be a durn good year

  1. Funny how last night laying in bed I was coming up with ideas for my future posts and one was going to be very much like this one, listing all of the wonderful things that have happened very much like you did! Funny how our minds are so in sync

  2. palmer

    Funny also how I thought of your recent explosion of positivism this am while attempting to get out of my bed to go to spin class. It is not that I no longer struggle to get up at 5:15 to workout…it was that I had to physically pick my legs up to get them out of bed. I thought “be positive, if you go spin lightly you might be less sore the rest of the day”… Thank you Emily.. I went and I am now a bit better off for doing it. (darn the boot camp that made my hip abductors terribly sore) I am still doing my best impersonation of a penguin today…which may I add fits quite well with all this “lovely cold and beautiful snow” that we have had this year. (see more of you rubbing off on me.. 🙂 ) Anywhoo thought I would share that I thought of you during my morning struggle! I love you and I am excited to see that you will be home for a few months this summer. Take care! Palmer

  3. maryanita

    Love your enthusiam! Love your resolutions! Your mental attitude can make the difference between a happy life and one full of frustrations. How you view the situation is as important as what the situation happens to be. So proud of you Emmylou. And your baking is fantastic!

    Can’t wait to see you. I love you!

  4. I’m glad for your enthusiasm, Emily, because my January was no where near as happy as yours…one can only hope that February will bring better times.

    Congrats on the tartelettes! They look scrumptious!

  5. Jacqs

    I can’t believe you signed up for a marathon – thats so exciting!!!! I miss our runs together!

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