Awesome Things Thursday

Oh hello World.  I didn’t see you there.  Were you hiding under my bed? Behind my shower curtain? In the fridge?  Wherever you were I didn’t notice, probably because I’ve been too busy hiding a certain something of my own.

But, since you’re there, I’m just going to be honest.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been hiding my doubts and insecurities.  Yep.  I’ve been hiding them behind hunky-dory, happy-go-lucky blog posts with pretty pictures and…

What? You didn’t buy it? You heard through the grapevine that I’ve been France’s #1 complainer lately?  You heard I’m homesick? Someone told you I have trouble with bureaucracy and the rectorat and that I’ve been a big baby about growing up?

Well then.  I guess I’ll have to restore my image, won’t I?

What’s that you say?  Why don’t I just restore my attitude?  Right.


Yes, I remember what Mom always used to tell me.  “Every time you’re feeling low, go out and run, and repeat positive things.”  Endorphins and brainwashing.  It’s worked for me before.

So World, I’ll spare you the details of my “It’s-Too-Cold-to-Run-Outside Stair-running routine” but I’ll share the brainwashing part.  Here’s the deal:

I know I am blessed. I know I have so much to be grateful for.  I know that despite small challenges like repeated confrontations with the woman who refuses to pay me my guaranteed partial reimbursement for my daily commute, my life is a bowl of cherries.

I’ve posted this sentence on my bathroom mirror for easy-repetitional purposes, as you can see:

And voila a list of mundane and magical things I am grateful for this week:

–Leftover soup
–Letting it snow
–Hot Christmas-flavored tea, available 24/7 chez moi
–Pandora Christmas Carols
–Melt-in-my-mouth, still hot baguettes
–Church bells
–Drawings of girls with British flags from students who still think I am from England
–Christmas cards
–My warm coat
–Clementines from Corsica
–Spaghetti and Meatball dinner at Annie’s apartment
–Making caramels, which look like potion in the pan, with the boys
–Returning to the quiet of my penthouse…and doing whatever I want
–The best free chocolates EVER at the bookstore
–A Christmas wreath hung by I-don’t-know-who on the door to my building

…Stay tuned for more “Awesome-things Thursdays”…doctor’s orders until further notice.

P.S. – I’m the doctor.


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10 responses to “Awesome Things Thursday

  1. J. Forsberg Meyer

    What a marvelous post! You are so right. And the glass being always full…never thought of it like that, but of course it’s true…literally and figuratively. High fives, Emma-lee. You’re amazing.

  2. Sarah

    Thank you for writing this and all of your other blogs. They are a pleasant distraction from the hectic days I’ve become accustomed too. You are not the only one feeling the way you do, it has taken me so long to acclimate to life after college, and I still seem to find myself having those “woe is me” days when all I do is complain. I miss having my best friend across the hall to tell me all that I have to be grateful for and that everything will be alright. Lucky for me I now have this blog to refer to ;). Keep your head up Emily…we all love you and miss you so much here, but this is the time of your life to live and explore. Look at all the opportunity you have in front of you and go for it!!
    Thinking of you always. Love the blog…I feel like I’m right there with you

    • Oh Sare! That means so much to me. You are one of the people I think of most when I wonder “Is this what I am supposed to be doing right now?” because we always had such great talks and we were so brave and then BAM, here we are. We are like eighth graders who suddenly found themselves in a high school twice the size of their middle school. Only, times ten! And I miss you so! Thanks for the reminder that you are always there. I can’t wait to see you sometime soon…and in the meantime, it helps to know we are always just an email or phone call away from each other. LOVE YOU!

  3. palmer

    momma said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this my momma said! I LOVE YOU, does that make it any better!!!

  4. Donna Gouveia

    Dear Emily,
    Great attitude. Sometimes even here in the US of A things are not always like we want them to be and you give me the best remedy for missing my daughter, working way too hard, and cold, rainy, and blustery days. Enjoy every day as it is a gift-I agree with your Mom. Mom’s always know what to say because we have already taken the journey.

    Be safe, and be happy, and keep looking up as that is where the miracles and good things in life come from.


    • Thank you, Donna! That was such a nice, encouraging comment…and it makes me grateful for one more thing to add to the list: friends back home who love and support me, even from far away! XOXO!

  5. This post really got me at the right time.. I have been so anxious to get home for the Holidays, wanting to see my family and friends more than anything. So every morning I have risen to write a gratitude list like yours. Yours is wonderful and the coat is a good one!

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