Four days, four ways: The start of a very good year.

Thursday, October 28th–I wake up to a very long-distance call from my Aunt Sherry in California, who sings Happy Birthday in the familiar “Aunt Sherry way,” with an extra verse at the end. “We love you, we do, / we love you we do, / we love you dear Emily, / we love you we do!”  Great way to start the day.

Twelve hours later, I’m on my way to a delicious French dinner with Nico, where I receive two tickets to see the fabulous French comedian, Florence Foresti when she comes to Dijon!

Friday, October 29th–Decorate Nico’s apartment for our Halloween Party.  I’ve never put up fake spider webs before, but there is definitely something satisfying to it.

Saturday, October 30th– Lunch with all of Nicolas’ family, who are home in Burgundy for Toussaint vacation.  Surprise ending: a homemade chocolate gateau, eleven homemade birthday cards from eleven nieces and nephews, and a new sweater from “my” freres et soeurs. I. Am. Spoiled.

Sunday, October 31–I put the finishing touches on our gross-out finger food before the “American Style” Halloween Party began. The spread includes monster toes, eyeball cupcakes, witch’s hand carrot dip, potato-skin ghosts, and a deadly punch a la Nicolas.


Voila, the end of my four-day birthday celebration.  There’s something to be said for a great start to things, because I haven’t had an ordinary day since I turned 23. I think it’s going to be a very good year.


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5 responses to “Four days, four ways: The start of a very good year.

  1. J. Forsberg Meyer

    I’ve never seen Halloween food that was so…”in the spirit” of things, so to speak. What fun! Killer costumes, too, and the two of you side by side makes for a nicely jarring dissonance. I didn’t know they celebrated Halloween in France…or did you instigate it, Emily? I cannot believe you’re now 23, but, wow–what a way to celebrate a birthday. May it continue all through the year.

  2. i just wanted to say that every time i look at that spread of food, i feel like i’m home. is that weird, considering all of it is made to look like detached fingers and such? 🙂

  3. Loved all the new photos, Em. I love seeing the world through your eyes. You cracked me up with the Sherry version of Happy Birthday and the nieces and nephews pic is darling! So cute!

    The leaves are almost all down here in Kentucky. We miss you but rejoice in the experience you are having in France. Have another spectacular day…..

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