“Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound”

After thirteen days, with twenty-one ahead of me before I start work, the search is officially ON for mon propre chez moi — my own place.  With each day that passes I become more and more discriminating, but also  increasingly open to compromise (ironic?).  Time is of the essence, as everyone keeps reminding me.  That is because when I return to Dijon in three weeks, I won’t be alone.  It is la rentree, which means that thousands of university students will also be returning to Dijon, many of them looking for just the thing I am: a tiny studio close to the centre ville.

I’ve now perused what feels like hundreds of ads, many of which had just one little detail (okay, 100 euros over my budget is not really a little detail…) that banished them from the list.  More recently I started to go through some of those old ads again and have for some decided that  one little detail wasn’t worth elimination.   Back on the list.  I’ve called in the reinforcements, and Nicolas’ entire family is on the hunt for me as well.  And I’m not just talking his parents and his four siblings.  There was a family reunion last weekend. Now even the people I hadn’t met before know that I’m Emily and I’m looking for a place in Dijon.

Nico and I have taken two trips into Dijon to check out possible chez moi‘s.   One scary entryway, one mansion’s run-down third floor (hasn’t been renovated since they invented insulation…), and one less-than-independent room later and I’m more optimistic than ever.  As Nico said, there has to be at least one perfect studio in Dijon…and we are going to find it.


Just made a call about a room in an old house.  Independent bathroom, microwave, and wifi.  A kitchen to share with neighbors.  Reasonable price and good location. Not exactly what I was thinking, but worth the call.

Monsieur G picks up and I stumble along in French, asking if, by chance, the room is still available. It isn’t.  But devine-quoi! He has a *tiny* (13 square meters) studio for the same price. Centre ville.

I’m going to visit it this week.


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6 responses to ““Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound”

  1. This is soooo very exciting. Can’t wait to hear all about the tiny studio after your visit. Good Luck!

  2. maryanita

    Your pictures are beautiful! Love your blog. Hope you have success soon and find a comfortable little place to call home. We miss you here in Kentucky.

  3. This is the 2nd occasion I have come across your blog post in the last couple weeks. Seems like I ought to take note of it.

  4. Great stuff, Just forwarded this on to a friend who read up on this and she took me to eat after I showed her this blog. So, appreciate it!!

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