Suddenly half the world is Mine

I sped a little on my way home from work at the restaurant today.  Okay, I sped a little more than I usually do on my way home from work.   I was sure — as I have been every day for a little over a week now — that I would receive the package I have been waiting for.  After a week of alternately running out to the mailbox in the rain, tiptoeing barefooted across the gravel, or throwing the door open and yelling dramatically, “Did anything come for me today?” to anyone, anywhere in the house, I picked up the brown envelope nonchalantly and stared at it for a minute.

There, in perfectly typical French handwriting was my name and address, and in the upper left corner: Academie de Dijon. Inside was the golden ticket I’ve been waiting for — and as I pulled it out I read, in French, “Mademoiselle, I have the honor of informing you that you have been assigned to the Academie of Dijon for the school year 2010-2011, and that you will assist in the primary schools, the names of which will be forthcoming...– Le Recteur de l’Academie, Alain Blanc”

This formal document, stamped by the “Ministere de l’emploi et de la solidarite” proves that I am eligible for a French work visa, and that I have been hired to teach English in France! Beginning this October!

And so, with this golden ticket, the adventure begins: first to Chicago to apply for the visa, then on to France to begin my year as an English Language Assistant.  Monsieur le Recteur, l’honneur is all mine.


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5 responses to “Suddenly half the world is Mine

  1. Oh, wee wee! Well, you get me meaning…..

    We are so proud of all your accomplishments. Congratulaions. You can expect visitors!


  2. Matt

    Congrats, thats awesome! Please excuse my mom’s spelling.

    • Thanks, Matt. After seeing that you read my post, I went back over it quickly to check for typos, too much cheesiness, etc. After all these years, I still care what you think! 😉 (And I wasn’t going to say anything about the spelling…)

  3. You both know I can’t edit myself! LOL

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